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What kind of oat drink company creates a swear-y sounding website chronicling all the bad things about an oat drink company…then spends loads of money making sure everyone in Ireland sees it? Us, apparently!

As this is a time machine, this entry in FckOatly.com is from the past (or is it the future?) and before our multi-media Feck-Oatly.com campaign in Ireland even launches so we have no idea how the Irish public will react when we enthusiastically encourage them to get up to speed on all the bad things about an oat drink company. 

That said, it does feel like a bad idea, jammed up against an even worse idea, doesn’t it? And even when you try to sugarcoat it with the not-so reassuring logic that sometimes you need to understand the worst about an oat drink company before you can appreciate the best… It still feels super sketchy… Which, of course, qualifies the campaign as an A+ entry for this website. 

But, no one can look into the future, not even fake time machines. So we are reserving the space below this sentence to post any future consumer comments about Feck-Oatly.com, which will confirm whether or not this entry indeed deserves a place in FckOatly.com. Fingers crossed!

FUTURE (hopefully negative) COMMENTS below… 

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